Triple Evolution and Dynamics in Stellar and Planetary Systems Conference

The  “Triple evolution and dynamics in stellar and planetary systems” conference, funded by the The Lewiner institute for theoretical physics and the astrophysics I-CORE.
Registration for Israelis faculty, postdocs and students will be open until mid-March.
The conference will be held in the Technion, Israel, between the May 31st and June 5th  2015. 
The general topics of the conference will be:
1. Stellar triples
2. Triples in single-star planetary systems (including the Solar system)
3. Binary-planet systems
  A. Circumstellar planetary systems with a binary companion
  B. Circumbinary planet systems
4. Planetary satellite in the Solar system and beyond
5. Compact objects in triple systems
More details on the conference can be found on the website which will be updated continuously.
Click here for the conference website.
Wilhelm Kley (Universität Tübingen)
Rosemary Mardling (Monash University)
Tsevi Mazeh (Tel-Aviv University)
Smadar Naoz (UCLA)
Hagai Perets (chair; Technion)
Simon Portegies-Zwart (Leiden University)
Fred Rasio (Northwestern University)
Todd Thompson (Ohio State University)
Andrei Tokovinin (CTIO)
Scott Tremaine (IAS, Princeton)