Open Positions

We are seeking outstanding candidates for tenure track positions in all fields of Astrophysics and Planetary Science. We seek candidates with exceptional research achievements at the senior lecturer, associate professor, or full professor levels.

The positions will be in one of the following four member institutions: The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the Weizmann Institute and the Technion. Candidates will be accepted to the center provided that they receive a tenure track offer from one of these institutions. Scholars who join the center will receive a substantial annual operating and equipment grant for a duration of 5 years.

Qualified candidates should:

1.     Send an application to several or all of the corresponding institutions. Applications should be received according to each department's specific submission deadline. The application material should include a curriculum vitae, a list of publications and a brief statement of research interests in PDF format.


Tel Aviv University - Prof. Amir Levinson,

Weizmann Institute - Prof. Yosef Nir

Technion - Prof. Adi Nusser

The Hebrew University - Prof. Baruch Meerson
please note that the deadline for submission The Hebrew University is October 1, 2014.

2.     Please notify us that such application has been made via email to Ms. Elinor Drachsler and indicate to which institutions the application was submitted