TDE School | November 1, 2015

TDE school will take place at on November 1, 2015 at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Lectures will be given by experts in the field who are coming to Jerusalem from various institutions around the world. The school will be followed by a TDE workshop to discuss the latest advancements in the field. The workshop will be held on November 02-05, 2015.
Students and postdocs who attend the school are welcome to stay for the workshop as well.


The school lectures will take place in the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, starting at 10AM.  

Registration is free but we kindly ask you to register to help us with logistics. 

Please see below the initial list of topics. The updated schedule will be posted on the website later on. 

  • Observations
  • Orders of magnitude
  • Dynamics 
  • Basic theory of disruption and accretion
  • Rates


The school is open to all students and postdocs at all universities.

Click HERE for registration.

For more information please contact Elinor Drachsler .